Artist Speak – Ava Max

So on Spotify last Sunday morning, I had this advertisement pop up saying that Ava Max had released her latest single called "My Head My Heart". After hearing a snippet, I headed over to her latest album release called "Heaven & Hell" and after having a listen on that, it made me wonder where he … Continue reading Artist Speak – Ava Max

Artist Speak – Owl City

Back in early 2019, Youtube recommended me this trailer called Mother's Day. I had a look at the trailer but what captivated me was the soundtrack used in the trailer - Verge by Owl City. I kind of get more intrigued by the backgrounds in trailers rather than the trailer itself (which might be really … Continue reading Artist Speak – Owl City


On July 21st 2020, BTS came out with their all new single DYNAMITE - except this one has a twist: It's completely in English. To be honest, I'd usually start off by telling you my favorite part(s) of the song, but to be honest, there ain't no favorite part, because the song as a … Continue reading DYNAMITE BY BTS – ENGLISH SINGLE DROP

Zero: Fever Part 1 Album Drop

On the 29th of July, Ateez dropped in a new album called Zero: Fever Part 1, and it has been such a good listen. My favorites of this album would definitely be Inception, Thanxx and To The Beat. The singing styles have changed a lot and there's a lot of singing rap verses which I … Continue reading Zero: Fever Part 1 Album Drop