One Year of Bullet Journaling – What was it like?

So back in March, I decided to take up bullet journaling full on (even though I knew the process and the basics of how it works back in 2017), since I had a lot of free time to make some doodles and get a lot more creative. And it did make a major impact on … Continue reading One Year of Bullet Journaling – What was it like?

My First Stationery Haul

So, recently I got myself some stationary for college, but I decided to make this special by posting a Stationary Haul. In the past, I have bought a bunch stationary but I haven't made any posts on them, so I decided to make this my first. All of these products have received great views and … Continue reading My First Stationery Haul

Spreads of July 2020

This month was a picnic gingham theme, and although the doodles were pretty simple to recreate, I didn't have a light red marker, so I had to kind of make do with a deep red shade. It did look a bit different in the end, but that's fine. *Credits to AmandaRachLee on Youtube for putting … Continue reading Spreads of July 2020

Monthly Spreads for June 2020

So I really had a lot of fun making the retro 50's diner spreads; I think it was one of the best spreads that I recreated. It was around that time that I started learning about calligraphy and a lot more fonts which got me interested...

Monthly Spreads for May 2020

So, here is an archive of the monthly spreads that I had made for the month of May. I did have fun designing the flowers and a new experience was making the dutch door spread.