Artist Speak – Ava Max

So on Spotify last Sunday morning, I had this advertisement pop up saying that Ava Max had released her latest single called "My Head My Heart". After hearing a snippet, I headed over to her latest album release called "Heaven & Hell" and after having a listen on that, it made me wonder where he … Continue reading Artist Speak – Ava Max

BE – Album Drop and First Listen

On Friday 20th November, BTS had dropped in a new album called BE and it's title track being "Life Goes On". The album itself was a mix of smooth 90's hip hop beats and also an EDM track. For the title track, the best part was the smooth backgrounds that was given for the song. … Continue reading BE – Album Drop and First Listen


I actually listened to Your Eyes Tell separately when the live dropped in on July 13th before listening to the entire album after it came out. To be honest, even though a few of the Japanese songs have come out previously, I didn't listen to them until the album came out. I did listen … Continue reading MAP OF THE SOUL 7: THE JOURNEY ALBUM REVIEW