Hello everyone! I am a passionate blogger and podcaster, and I do have a handful of hobbies. For starters, I’m a big book lover, and I like to post bookish content. I also am a person who believes in having some inspiration in life so there are some posts there too. Do lookout for the other categories, such as Travel, Drawings, and Movies, that have my interests preserved in them. Also, my Podcast Episodes from Spotify will be linked here every Friday, so go and listen to them as well.

Currently, I’m a college sophomore, and I’ve taken up my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

I hope you find this blog helpful if you have interests on the above topics. Please let me know if you have any other topics that I can talk about. You can have a look at the categories sidebar for access to any of the topics that you would like to have a clear perspective on.

FOR ANY INQUIRIES, CONTACT-  innovationsandideals@gmail.com