Things I wish I knew as a Freshman

We've all been there - "the phase where you're fresh meat" as I'd like to call it. However, in times like these; it's more of not knowing how to start off, given that you're stuck at the monitor at home instead of a table inside a classroom. Here are my thoughts on the stuff that … Continue reading Things I wish I knew as a Freshman

Pushing to the Focus Zone

After two weeks of classes at Uni, I realized that although I state that "I want to be productive," I don't see much signs of it happening. And I think the reason for that is focus. Here's my guide as to how I get back into "the zone" to check off that box on my … Continue reading Pushing to the Focus Zone

#FreshmanGraduates – The Finale to the Saga!

I have finally finished exams for the semester!! *hoot hoot*. Exam season was stressful indeed, but I did get through and you can too! Tune in for some experiences on how I battled finals as well as some insiders info on my first week of summer vacation.

#FreshmanGraduates – The Labs and Finals Part 1

Welcome to Episode 2 of #FreshmanGraduates! To be honest, lab finals do take a huge toll on your well-being, especially with respect to your sleep schedule. It's a lot of work to stay afloat with last-minute assignments, exams for the labs, and the theory prep that was to come for the upcoming week. Plus with … Continue reading #FreshmanGraduates – The Labs and Finals Part 1

#FreshmanGraduates – The Pre Finals

Welcome to a new short series - #FreshmanGraduates. In a few more weeks, I will officially be out of the college freshman phase and I'll become a sophomore eeek! It's actually slowly sinking in that I've finished college from home for a year, and it's really overwhelming that I'll become a sophomore soon. So I … Continue reading #FreshmanGraduates – The Pre Finals


I had this short idea in my head since it kind of took a dark vibes route of crime to innocence - I decided to make a playlist for it. To be real, making a playlist for ideas like these are really hard because I haven't listened to dark music or like low beats as … Continue reading Blacklisted

Getting on the Grind to Productivity

Finals are approaching in three weeks and I've got one exam before them - which means "grind time." Here's a few tips from me on how I've decided to overcome the "procrastination hump" to get things done.

Toxicity and how to Deal with It

This is a short special episode of how I actually dealt with Toxicity in my environment. I haven't had much experience with it which is why I couldn't go deep into the topic but I did mention a few tips in brief as to how I dealt with my situation and environment.

My Story with Crochet and the takes on Marvel vs DC, Shadow and Bone series and more!

In today's episode, I took a trip down memory lane as to how I got into crochet and a bit into detail about the projects that I did. There are a few tips on how you can crochet - as well as some takes on Marvel vs DC (fun fact idk almost anything about them … Continue reading My Story with Crochet and the takes on Marvel vs DC, Shadow and Bone series and more!

Where my Writing is at + Tips n’ Tricks

So I recently kickstarted my writing and I've kinda made some progress that I wanted to share in today's episode. I did compile a few tips that got me to this point, so tune in to have a listen on those as well. PS - there's a lot of 30-second music reactions in here, so … Continue reading Where my Writing is at + Tips n’ Tricks