Coping with Stress

Stress is something that we all deal with. It's hard to think straight when you're stressed. Listen in to my experiences and how I cope with stress on my plate.

Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022

Time to say goodbye to the year and start afresh in another one. I'm grateful for everyone who's been with me through the year and I hope that we can make bigger accomplishments in 2022.

Introversion – A guide from an introvert

This episode might be a bit introvert centered but that's okay. Here's the 101 guide to introversion and how to let it become your strength from an introvert herself! We've got some rundown tips on a general guide towards introversion as well as a few experiences too! Keep in mind, not all of this would … Continue reading Introversion – A guide from an introvert

What I’ve been upto lately…

Here's a short update on what I've been up to these days; not much hashin' here though. Also, I've got a new intro and a surprise topic coming up soon for the next episode, so go hit that follow button to get notified as to when it comes out!

Things I wish I knew as a Freshman

We've all been there - "the phase where you're fresh meat" as I'd like to call it. However, in times like these; it's more of not knowing how to start off, given that you're stuck at the monitor at home instead of a table inside a classroom. Here are my thoughts on the stuff that … Continue reading Things I wish I knew as a Freshman

Pushing to the Focus Zone

After two weeks of classes at Uni, I realized that although I state that "I want to be productive," I don't see much signs of it happening. And I think the reason for that is focus. Here's my guide as to how I get back into "the zone" to check off that box on my … Continue reading Pushing to the Focus Zone

#FreshmanGraduates – The Finale to the Saga!

I have finally finished exams for the semester!! *hoot hoot*. Exam season was stressful indeed, but I did get through and you can too! Tune in for some experiences on how I battled finals as well as some insiders info on my first week of summer vacation.

#FreshmanGraduates – The Labs and Finals Part 1

Welcome to Episode 2 of #FreshmanGraduates! To be honest, lab finals do take a huge toll on your well-being, especially with respect to your sleep schedule. It's a lot of work to stay afloat with last-minute assignments, exams for the labs, and the theory prep that was to come for the upcoming week. Plus with … Continue reading #FreshmanGraduates – The Labs and Finals Part 1

#FreshmanGraduates – The Pre Finals

Welcome to a new short series - #FreshmanGraduates. In a few more weeks, I will officially be out of the college freshman phase and I'll become a sophomore eeek! It's actually slowly sinking in that I've finished college from home for a year, and it's really overwhelming that I'll become a sophomore soon. So I … Continue reading #FreshmanGraduates – The Pre Finals


I had this short idea in my head since it kind of took a dark vibes route of crime to innocence - I decided to make a playlist for it. To be real, making a playlist for ideas like these are really hard because I haven't listened to dark music or like low beats as … Continue reading Blacklisted