The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

Thank you to Alyssa Cohen from for posting this book tag, it inspired me to answer it as well!! How long have you been a blogger? Well, I've been blogging for three years, I made my first blog post on March 23, 2017. At first, I was pretty unsure as to how I should … Continue reading The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

Reading Habits Book Tag

So I found this tag on and I decided to try it out as well... 1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? Well not really, cause I'd tend to read wherever and whenever, but on a nice armchair next to the window whilst I'm curled up in a blanket would … Continue reading Reading Habits Book Tag

The Book Life Tag

So, as I was reading through this tag, I had a rewind of frequent memorable events wherein I had wanted a fictional family, just like the characters that I adore and love as my kith and kin. Okay, let's start.   1. WHO WOULD YOUR PARENTS BE? Okay, I would really want my mom to … Continue reading The Book Life Tag

Book Blogger Confessions Tag

  Okay, so I've seen people do tags on the internet; but to be honest, I've never done a tag on my own. So I searched up for some cool tags on the internet related to books and decided to give it a shot. SO THE NAME OF THE TAG IS CALLED BOOK BLOGGER'S CONFESSIONS … Continue reading Book Blogger Confessions Tag