From Clouds to Food – The spreads from May to July ’21

This was kind of a period where I wanted to test the waters with my creativity on making bullet journal spreads. Throughout this time, I found myself improving a bit more on the efforts that I put into my doodles that I make for my spreads and that gave me a chance to branch out … Continue reading From Clouds to Food – The spreads from May to July ’21

The push that you need

I haven't been on top of my game lately. By lately, this goes back to almost more than just a few months. The reason? Unfortunately, I'm unsure of what it might be. So I sat down and decided to think about what stopped me from making regular content; getting on top of things by staying … Continue reading The push that you need

Things I wish I knew as a Freshman

We've all been there - "the phase where you're fresh meat" as I'd like to call it. However, in times like these; it's more of not knowing how to start off, given that you're stuck at the monitor at home instead of a table inside a classroom. Here are my thoughts on the stuff that … Continue reading Things I wish I knew as a Freshman

Pushing to the Focus Zone

After two weeks of classes at Uni, I realized that although I state that "I want to be productive," I don't see much signs of it happening. And I think the reason for that is focus. Here's my guide as to how I get back into "the zone" to check off that box on my … Continue reading Pushing to the Focus Zone

A Little Life (The Spoiler Version)

*This review has spoilers so read at your own risk* Name of the book - A Little Life Author - Hanya Yanagihara Genre - Novel, Domestic Fiction Year of Publication - 2015 Summary (From Goodreads)- When four classmates from a small Massachusetts college move to New York to make their way, they're broke, adrift, and … Continue reading A Little Life (The Spoiler Version)

Rowlet – Digital Art

A bit after I made the graphic lettered art, I wanted to test my coloring and shading skills using digital art. This was around the time when I learnt a bit more about what Pokémon is, and the different characters in the universe. This particular one caught my eye and so I decided to try … Continue reading Rowlet – Digital Art

Finding Solace in Being Alone

For me personally, I think this is something that I feel hasn't been addressed enough - it's okay to find solace in being by yourself. Wanting to feel alone isn't something to feel bad about, and it's okay to enjoy your own company. This is termed as introversion and for introverts, we like our own … Continue reading Finding Solace in Being Alone

Permission to Dance – Graphic Art

It's been a month since Permission to Dance came out. I remember being all excited when it dropped and so I made this piece for about 5 hours (cause I didn't know how to set a black background - my mistake).But when I went through some of my art pieces, I realized there are a … Continue reading Permission to Dance – Graphic Art

Pachinko – Time Log

It's so funny how every time I write one of these I think about how much time has passed between the last one and I go "Wow, I need to do this more." This particular time log was written a while back, but I had to make some edits to it before I posted it … Continue reading Pachinko – Time Log

Wayward Son

So the new installment in the series is going to be out soon, which means that this is the apt time to review Wayward Son and express my thoughts about the book. Name of the Book - Wayward Son Author - Rainbow Rowell Genre- Fantasy, YA Year of Publication- September 2019 Summary - Right after … Continue reading Wayward Son