I had this short idea in my head since it kind of took a dark vibes route of crime to innocence – I decided to make a playlist for it.

To be real, making a playlist for ideas like these are really hard because I haven’t listened to dark music or like low beats as such because I’m that kind of person who’s more lenient towards rock songs, pop, and EDM music, so this was a real game-changer. Through the process, I did bump into Keshi’s music which was something new (stay tuned for an artist speak on keshi lol).

Anyways so here’s the playlist that I was talking about:

The best part was making the cover art for the playlist (pic creds to Pinterest for these) and the font which looks a bit classy and fitting for the theme. Playlists like these usually allow me to expand my horizons with music genres and I find myself bopping to new stuff that I haven’t listened to in a while. It’s a very interesting experience and I’m excited to make more of these.

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