Artist Speak – Ava Max

So on Spotify last Sunday morning, I had this advertisement pop up saying that Ava Max had released her latest single called “My Head My Heart”. After hearing a snippet, I headed over to her latest album release called “Heaven & Hell” and after having a listen on that, it made me wonder where he music was all this time, because it is so good. I think I have listened to a few popular ones a while back in 2017, but back then I used to play chart busters or top songs to pass the time, so I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

My ult fave is Kings and Queens and My Head & My Heart seconds it from her latest album. Also Sweet but Psycho, Tattoo and H.E.A.V.E.N were pretty good too. I really better go and listen to more of her tunes.

Here’s the link to the latest album that I was talking about:

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