Radio Silence

Name of the book – Radio Silence

Author – Alice Ose man

Genre – Fiction, Novel

Year of Publication – 2016

Summary – Frances Janvier has everything. The grades, the curriculars, anything that would make her application stand out to a Cambridge acceptance. However, she wasn’t happy with that life. There was just something that made her feel incomplete.

And then she met Aled Last. A person to whomst she could show her true colors to.

But when their delicate friendship breaks just because of something that Frances did, her life takes a 360 as she figures out how to set things on track. Especially when she’s the one responsible for Carys Last’s disappearance.

Review – This book just added itself into the John Green list and it covers a lot about self identity and figuring out the next steps of your career. Frances has gone through a lot in terms of selecting where her true passion lies and I think that is something that needs to be addressed to today’s youth who struggle to select what they want to do for a career or for making a major decision regarding their lives.

Rating – Definitely would recommend this one for anyone coming of age, a five on five for this book.

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