A box of mahogany

I never knew what it felt to be all alone. Until now. I have thoughts swarming like bees in my head and suddenly I just can't keep up. Things I want to do, things I wanna say and things I would like to see All cooped up in a glorious box made of mahogany. So … Continue reading A box of mahogany

Dewdrops of the Ocean

As she continued to stare at the ocean Dew in her eyes with the sand in her toes, The sea waves crashed at the shore once more, And thoughts clouded her head with emotion whilst she stared. Stared into the unknown, Thinking about how the days have gone. Realization hit her when she remembered that … Continue reading Dewdrops of the Ocean


Tabs upon tabs sit on the screen, piercing me with guilt. But what can I say? Deadlines are there for a reason but I just don't feel it hitting me. Like that tidal wave that hits the shore at the golden hour, or reality coming down like a meteor shower. Thick grey clouds send droplets … Continue reading Deadlines

Time Bomb

The pressure hits like a time bomb as my mind goes into disturbia. Thoughts cloud my vision as I take steps forward to what I call reality. I don't know where the lane leads to, but I drag my feet along the pavement, hoping there will be some light to the darkness that succumbs within.

The Anxiety Wave

Anxiety soars like a wave, as I try to find where I belong. There's a lot of people that double the eyes which judge my every move - from the way they read what I'm thinking to the way they process my steps. I feel out of place and I'm unsure of what I am … Continue reading The Anxiety Wave

Starry Skies

"It is true that each star has its own story, but what makes the dullest stars the most unique is that they have fought their rights to shine, through thick and thin. And they share that story into other beautiful stars which brighten up the scars of victory that they carry throughout. And that is … Continue reading Starry Skies

The Arrow of a Critic

Criticism- an abstract concept that I must endure at times The few lines of negativity that shake my self-esteem and break down my barriers The expectations that I should fulfil, the thoughts of others consuming my mind. It isn't pretty and it feels like I can't think and act for myself. Those moments cause more … Continue reading The Arrow of a Critic


The time has come, For me to cherish the things that I have always loved. But having no time to love them I put them away in a very dark place where they would never get to see the light of day. Now it is the time for them to come out of their shell … Continue reading Hobbies


When I do something wrong by accident, I shall feel guilt, oversensitivity and shame; causing me to malfunction because I care too much. However, if you can't see that then that would demolish me even more because I put faith in the wrong person.


And then the world came crumbling down before her eyes. There was too much dust in the air for her to see a new path. She held her head in her hands and left out a muffled scream, telling the world about her agony.