Radio Silence

Name of the book - Radio Silence Author - Alice Ose man Genre - Fiction, Novel Year of Publication - 2016 Summary - Frances Janvier has everything. The grades, the curriculars, anything that would make her application stand out to a Cambridge acceptance. However, she wasn't happy with that life. There was just something that … Continue reading Radio Silence

A Little Life (The Spoiler Version)

*This review has spoilers so read at your own risk* Name of the book - A Little Life Author - Hanya Yanagihara Genre - Novel, Domestic Fiction Year of Publication - 2015 Summary (From Goodreads)- When four classmates from a small Massachusetts college move to New York to make their way, they're broke, adrift, and … Continue reading A Little Life (The Spoiler Version)

Wayward Son

So the new installment in the series is going to be out soon, which means that this is the apt time to review Wayward Son and express my thoughts about the book. Name of the Book - Wayward Son Author - Rainbow Rowell Genre- Fantasy, YA Year of Publication- September 2019 Summary - Right after … Continue reading Wayward Son

Shadow and Bone – Show vs Book

The Shadow and Bone show is out with it's first season and although I'm a bit late to the party, I couldn't help but binge through the entire thing. And now that I've got all my thoughts in check - it's time to give my review and answer the biggest question that has prevailed for … Continue reading Shadow and Bone – Show vs Book

The Deep End – Diary of a Wimpy Kid #15

Name of the book - Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Deep End Author - Jeff Kinney Book Number - 15 Year of Release - 2020 Genre - Literature Graphic Novel Summary - After the Heffleys butt heads with Grandma about their living situation, Greg's Mom suggests that they take a vacation in an … Continue reading The Deep End – Diary of a Wimpy Kid #15

The Library of Lost Things

Name of the book - The Library of Lost Things Author - Laura Taylor Namey Genre - YA, Contemporary Year of Publication - 2019 Summary - Literary genius Darcy Wells has spent almost her entire life in the world of books in order to avoid all thoughts of the real world. But when a property … Continue reading The Library of Lost Things

Thin Girls – Diana Clarke

Name of the Book - Thin Girls - A Novel Author - Diana Clarke Genre - Mental Health, Contemporary Year of Publication - 2020 Summary - Twins Rose and Lily are inseparable in every aspect - they're bond screams "same" to everyone around them. But high school hits them hard and everything changes. Suddenly Rose … Continue reading Thin Girls – Diana Clarke