Pachinko – Time Log

It’s so funny how every time I write one of these I think about how much time has passed between the last one and I go “Wow, I need to do this more.” This particular time log was written a while back, but I had to make some edits to it before I posted it on the blog.

Anyways – Hello and welcome! I’m back with a new time log. This book was recommended to me by a lovely friend of mine and thus I decided – why not a time log?

And yet here I am. So let’s get started:

12th July 2021, 9pm :

So barely a few pages in, and the descriptions of the scenery are insane. Hoonie just seems so precious; not sure about Yangjin though.

A few minutes later…

I take that back – Hoonie just died?! Like out of nowhere, he died?! Okay I really need to read the book a bit more.

12th July 2021, 11pm:

Okay, now that I’ve read a bit more – Kindle says 18% so I’d say 80 pages in (based on the calculator lol), I’m a bit more educated on Yangjin, Sunja and Isak. My opinion – Isak seems nice but sus but Sunja seems even more sus. Questions, questions…. where will the answers lie?

13th July 2021, 3pm

Okay this book just keeps getting more dramatic by the second – I’m thinking that I’ll be done with it pretty soon based on my reading rate which is apparently 52% I believe.

15th July 2021 – an overall review

This book is purely the epitome of drama in itself. There’s just a lot of it to go around and I can’t believe that the start and end just lies with Sunja as the last person standing. It was heartbreaking to see Hoonie go and then her son left her too and that was even more painful, cause she already lost Isak (which we already know about, but still). I think I liked Isak the most in this book – he was really humble and calm all the time about his circumstances and situation altogether.


I’d give this a four point five out of five. The book was really enticing and there’s just a lot of dynamic to look out for which I really liked. At one page, you expect something but then it shatters when you see that what you think isn’t what the plot seems.

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