Wayward Son

So the new installment in the series is going to be out soon, which means that this is the apt time to review Wayward Son and express my thoughts about the book.

Name of the Book – Wayward Son

Author – Rainbow Rowell

Genre- Fantasy, YA

Year of Publication- September 2019

Summary – Right after Simon Snow decided to save the world, he planted himself on the couch and never bothered to get up from it at all. Penny said that he needed a change in scenery; which is how the three of them wound up in America, on a random road in a vintage convertible.

Fantasy meets reality as the characters try to sort out their issues and figure out what’s next in their lives.

Review – The initial chapters had me disappointed in the characters, mainly because Bunce, Baz and Simon were on three different tangents altogether and it was really sad to see that. However as the book progressed, I saw the relationship mending a bit more than it normally would, which was great. The fantasy bits that we were awaiting actually came up at the end of the book and not at the beginning (which was kind of a bummer if you ask me, cause I really looked forward to it).

Personally, I feel that the second book in a trilogy is rarely good than the first book and the final one. It happens with most books and I’ve got to the point where I’m used to the second book not fully being something that I like. I’m kind of anticipating what’s in store for book three since it has been told that the book has all the details that we’ve been waiting for.

Rating – I’d say a four out of five for this one, the book just got better towards the second half and I expected more fantasy along with some action, but this was pretty okay.

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