The Midnight Library

Name – The Midnight Library

Author – Matt Haig

Genre – Fantasy, Contemporary

Year of Publication – September 2020

Summary – Nora Seed decided that it was time to die. But what happened was that she didn’t die – per se. Instead she wound up in a library filled with books that could show her an alternate path for every possible decision that she could make. But will she pick the right choice?

Review – This book had initially set off at a very slow pace but suddenly it became an unexplainable whirlwind. At one point, you’d probably think that she’d be ready to settle, but it’s actually at that moment that she’s brought back to the library. And when you think the opposite, the vice versa happens.

I think what touched me the most about this book is the ending, because it was written so well and it just made you feel complete about the book.

Rating – Five on five without a doubt; highly would recommend it to a fantasy lover or anyone who’s into sci- fi as well.

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