Diary of A Rich Kid

Name of the book – Diary of A Rich Kid

Author – Malcom Mejin

Genre – Middle Grade Fiction, Contemporary

Year of Publication – 2020

Summary – Three rich kids set out on a vacation to the Bahamas to try to get away from their rich lives. But will the trip be the dream voyage or their worst nightmare? Read on to find out.

Review – This book was more of Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Crazy Rich Asians, with Robin narrating the story, Charlie being that frenemy that he’s super unsure of and Ken just being caught up in the middle of it all. As a book that would come under Middle Grade Fiction, I thought it was lovely and it did irk up some nostalgia from the time I read the Wimpy Kid series back in the third grade or so.

I’d recommend this book to people who would want a light read or maybe a throwback to their time at middle school when student body drama was kind of a major thing.

Shoutout to the author of this book – Malcom Mejin for sending me a copy to review it! Here’s the Goodreads Account if you want to know more:



I’d give it a four point five out of five, mainly because I’ve kinda drifted away from middle school fiction. But it was a really nice read, so if you’re into the genre, highly recommend.

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