Sky Castle (Drama Review)

*I actually binged on this series during the weekend that led to the boil on my eye, so that might be a reason for the swelling...* Name of the Drama- Sky Castle Language- Korean No of Episodes- 20 Genre- Dark Comedy, Social Issues Summary- Four wealthy housewives compete against each other to make their children … Continue reading Sky Castle (Drama Review)

My Anxiety story – Having Social Anxiety issues and how I deal with it

*This episode was uploaded a long time before I had put it in here. I apologize to my viewers who aren’t connected with me on Spotify and rely only on the links that I put in  my blog* This was kind of a very hard topic to publicly talk about. I did make a blog … Continue reading My Anxiety story – Having Social Anxiety issues and how I deal with it

Kamisama Kiss – Anime Review

Name of the Anime- Kamisama Kiss No of Seasons- 2 No of Episodes Season 1- (13 episodes); Season 2 -(12 episodes) Summary- Nanami is a high school girl who gets evicted out of her house because her dad (who is a constant gambler) had sold their house as collateral to repay the debts that he … Continue reading Kamisama Kiss – Anime Review

Nagisa Shiota (From Assassination Classroom)

It's been a while since I drew Bakugo as my first anime character, but I have to say, I did improve a bit. But like I said before, I do have a long way to go... About Nagisa Shiota - Nagisa is a student of Class 3-C and narrates the story of Assassination Classroom. He … Continue reading Nagisa Shiota (From Assassination Classroom)

A ‘Poisoned Arrow’ defeats Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Princeton researchers reported in the journal Cell that they have found a compound, SCH-79797, that can simultaneously puncture bacterial walls and destroy folate within their cells -- while being immune to antibiotic resistance. "This is the first antibiotic that is known to swiftly target Gram-Positive Bacteria and Gram-Negative Bacteria without resistance. From a 'Why it's useful' … Continue reading A ‘Poisoned Arrow’ defeats Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The Secrets Of Learning A New Language – Lýdia Machová

Apparently, learning multiple languages is not confined to polyglots. Anyone can learn a new language if they put their minds to it. Lýdia Machová talks about her interactions with other polyglots on their secrets to learning a new language, and she states four main principles to learn the language also.  Being a person who … Continue reading The Secrets Of Learning A New Language – Lýdia Machová