Sky Castle (Drama Review)

*I actually binged on this series during the weekend that led to the boil on my eye, so that might be a reason for the swelling…*


Name of the Drama– Sky Castle

Language– Korean

No of Episodes- 20

Genre– Dark Comedy, Social Issues

Summary– Four wealthy housewives compete against each other to make their children successful by making them attend ivy league high schools, forcing them to get good scores and finding every way possible to get them admitted in top universities. They spend billions of won to hire coordinators who’d help their children clear the entrances.

Upon the advice of Lee Myung-Joo, mother of Young Jae (who was recently admitted to Seoul University), Han Seo-Jin, an overzealous mother (who hides her past from everyone except her husband and in-laws who knew that she grew up poor) hires a co-ordinator Kim Joo-young to have her daughter Kang Ye-Seo, a model student admitted to Seoul University. Following Lee Myung-Joo’s suicide, a new family (Hwang Chi Yeong’s family) moves into the SKY castle and they often have clashes with the other members of the castle, due to their differences in opinions.

Through the episodes, the families get entangled into a tragedy and end up realizing the true meaning of contentment with what they have.

Review– I’d have to say, my favorite family was the Cha family, and that was because of the father emphasizing on the “pyramid principle”. But on the whole, the drama had a lot of dark moments in it, and since I tend to lean towards that genre more, I really liked the way they had expressed a social issue that is more predominant in the Upper East Asian countries.

Rating– I’d give this drama a five on five, because of the way the plot was framed and also because the issue was addressed really well.

5 stars

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