The Secrets Of Learning A New Language – Lýdia Machová

Apparently, learning multiple languages is not confined to polyglots. Anyone can learn a new language if they put their minds to it. Lýdia Machová talks about her interactions with other polyglots on their secrets to learning a new language, and she states four main principles to learn the language also.

 Being a person who is already trilingual, I wanted to learn a few languages out of interest. And now I have started to learn Korean and German. The farthest I have got with both is the alphabet and being able to read basic sentences a bit slowly.

Seeing that I am not making much progress, I decided to do what most people do: search up how people tend to learn languages. I saw a bunch of tips and tricks that people had recommended but half of them didn’t do the job for me. But after I saw this video on how different people have different methods and it made me realize, I haven’t fully found my method yet. And once I do, I’ll be able to grasp the language faster than ever.

As of now, I do see some progress from the time that I saw this video which was during the weekend. In Korean, I have understood the basic sentence structure and now I think I can progress a bit more with making some sentences by looking up on the vocabulary. And as for German, I have progressed with learning the alphabet and a bit of pronounciation.

I hope to achieve fluency in both languages very soon.



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