Kamisama Kiss

kamisama kiss

Name of the Anime- Kamisama Kiss

No of Seasons- 2

No of Episodes Season 1- (13 episodes); Season 2 -(12 episodes)

Summary- Nanami is a high school girl who gets evicted out of her house because her dad (who is a constant gambler) had sold their house as collateral to repay the debts that he had. Sitting in the streets wondering where to go, a mysterious stranger appears and gives her a peck on the forehead, along with the address to a local shrine. It turns out that she is now the Goddess of the Shrine and the familiar of the shrine isn’t welcoming to humans. Will the two of them be able to work out their living situation?

Review- I really liked Tomoe’s role in the anime, even though he wasn’t super welcoming towards Nanami at first. He really protected his Land God and he also made sure that his duties were first priority. The spirits were really good at their job too.

Rating- I would give this anime a five on five; I really liked the character art throughout the seasons.


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