My Anxiety story – Having Social Anxiety issues and how I deal with it

*This episode was uploaded a long time before I had put it in here. I apologize to my viewers who aren’t connected with me on Spotify and rely only on the links that I put in  my blog*

This was kind of a very hard topic to publicly talk about. I did make a blog post on this topic back in September 2019, but now I felt that as I increase the platforms and the variety of content that I give out to the world, it seemed like a topic of discussion, also given the circumstances that we are in right now.

Link to my video – I made my first Veena Cover

Link to the playlist that I had played songs from- Kpop Bands that I am currently listening to (This episode was made before I put up the blog post, so those who view the link get to see the updated version of the playlist)

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