Care for a Cup of Tea?

So as I started to sketch these teacups, my mind wandered off to that of 19th century England, where "tea and balls" were a high society thing and asking someone if they cared for a cup was actually considered as host ethics (still is, but oh well) Anyway, the era of the 19th century was … Continue reading Care for a Cup of Tea?

Wall Decor

Have you ever looked at a sketch or a piece of art and said, "Wow, that definitely should go to my wall", or "I should get that piece, it'll look good in my room" and things like that. Well, that is what I thought when I ended up coloring this sketch. Truth be told, I … Continue reading Wall Decor

Memories in a Jar

Have you ever had a wave of nostalgia hit you when you look at a particular object - be it a piece of art or even music that you listened to at a point of time... Well, I had a nostalgic moment as I drew this sketch. As I wrote the label, nostalgia hit me … Continue reading Memories in a Jar


A rose can signify many things, but one of the main notions of a rose shouldn't be it's beauty, but it's strength. Here is a poem that I read about Roses as I wondered about captioning the below sketch: There is no escaping the storm of rosescrisscrossed on the split-cracked wallof a dead fountain arch.There … Continue reading Roses