Memories in a Jar

Have you ever had a wave of nostalgia hit you when you look at a particular object – be it a piece of art or even music that you listened to at a point of time…

Well, I had a nostalgic moment as I drew this sketch. As I wrote the label, nostalgia hit me with the color palette that I was about to use. I was a fan of these colors when I was younger. And it felt different to go back to the roots and use these colors once again.

But as I drew the designs in the sketch, I thought about some other things that brought about nostalgic vibes – be it the music I listen to, the books I read and so on. It felt good, to be wrapped in that blanket as I played random music whilst I was giving the jar some color.

I think the best way to draw this jar would most probably be to draw it in a way that gives you nostalgic vibes. It’ll give you that comforting blanket that I was talking about because it’s all about you.

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