Wall Decor

Have you ever looked at a sketch or a piece of art and said, “Wow, that definitely should go to my wall”, or “I should get that piece, it’ll look good in my room” and things like that. Well, that is what I thought when I ended up coloring this sketch.

Truth be told, I never expected this work right here to come out so well as I was sketching it. It looked like a masterpiece in it’s monochrome form but with the color, it looks even more exquisite. But to me, I think it looks like one of those antique feathers that people use for their decorations or those rare pieces of art that’s stored in cases at museums.

Anyone can actually replicate the sketch and you can add in different splashes of colors which you think that you’d like to see. You could even use it as wall decor, like I would or you can even gift it to someone as a present.

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