BE – Album Drop and First Listen

On Friday 20th November, BTS had dropped in a new album called BE and it’s title track being “Life Goes On”. The album itself was a mix of smooth 90’s hip hop beats and also an EDM track.

For the title track, the best part was the smooth backgrounds that was given for the song. The visuals were really good too, especially the monochrome bit.

Fly in My Room was a song that made me shed a few tears, because it just made me feel so sad. The bit where “Room” is sung in the chorus was actually the best part that I liked about the song.

As for Blue and Grey, it was another song that followed similar emotions. The transitions of slow to slower was actually a bit too much for me to handle during the first listen. But after listening to it a few times, it felt a bit better.

With Telepathy, there was this upbeat hip hop vibe that accompanied the song which was something that I always like in BTS songs. They kind of present the upbeat vibes really well.

And, Dis-ease, don’t get me started on that one. The way the chorus was sung just got me hyped; the 90s’ accent was soo good!!

Although Stay is the final track, the EDM background and the prechorus…. out of this world. It’s my ult fave apart from Dis-ease.

All in all, I simply am at a loss of words for this album. The lyrics were so meaningful and the way they matched the beats was too much for me to handle. After the first listen, I was left with a complete mix of emotions.

You can listen to the full album down below:

And here’s the MV:

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