The Inital Spreads of 2021 – A Trip to the Hills; March & April 2021

This year, I kinda decided on making minimal spreads for my Bullet Journal, since it becomes more efficient for me to plan out what I need to get done for the day. And after I finished my Fall semester back in February, I needed a more ergonomic system that would work for me.

A spread in February when I went on a trip for the weekend

Over time in March and April, my spreads somehow morphed into something like this

My March Monthly Spread
The April Monthly Spread

Here’s a look into how the dailies looked like…

A sneak peek into my daily tasks – that was one of the chaotic weeks of March

With May, I kind of feel like I should experiment with it – doodles and maybe even some new spread patterns. I’ve got the time so why not?

I think with spreads, you need to look into what suits best for you. The best way to do that is have a look into your week and see if it’s chaotic and if you feel it is, then maybe minimize the doodles and just jot down the stuff, or if you want to doodle and get some stress relief – go ahead, whatever works for you. It’s kind of your arena to explore and see what you kind of like, and what works with you the best actually. And if it doesn’t work out – you’ll get there, don’t worry about it just keep going!

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