My First Stationery Haul

So, recently I got myself some stationary for college, but I decided to make this special by posting a Stationary Haul. In the past, I have bought a bunch stationary but I haven’t made any posts on them, so I decided to make this my first.

All of these products have received great views and opinions by a lot of study grams, stationary users and social media platforms and so I decided to try them out myself. This is my first time using these products, although I have heard a lot about them.

  1. Papergrid Notebooks – I’m someone who mostly prefers handwritten notes mostly because of the aesthetic and the fact that writing my notes by hand usually allows me to remember the information better, and thus I decided to get some good notebooks. The paper quality is good, but I’m yet to test some pens to check the bleed through levels. This product deserves a 4.5 out of 5, because I haven’t tested it fully yet.
  2. Zebra Mildliners – These are the most popular mildliners according to the stationary community, and so I bought the pastel pack (I guess that’s what they call it, not sure). I really like the two way setup, where it has a marker on one end and a mildliner on the other side. All of the colors are pretty bright, so I’d give them a five on five.
  3. Pentel Sign Brush Pen – I decided to get this pen to try out some fancy calligraphy titles for my headers in my notes. The brush pen has a thin nib which is very strong and as a beginner to calligraphy, it feels a bit different to use, seeing that I’m kinda used to using thicker nibs, but as for the strength, I highly approve of that feature. On the whole, a five on five for the product.
  4. Brustro Metallic Brush Pens – Since I’m getting into calligraphy a bit more, I decided to get some other kinds of brush pens too. And thus I got the metallic shades. This pack has a total of ten shades, and after a bit of swatching, I have to say, they are pretty impressive. A four point five on this product since I haven’t used it pretty often to give a full review.

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