One Year of Bullet Journaling – What was it like?

So back in March, I decided to take up bullet journaling full on (even though I knew the process and the basics of how it works back in 2017), since I had a lot of free time to make some doodles and get a lot more creative. And it did make a major impact on me as the months went by.

My first attempt at Bullet Journalling

With each passing month, I started to add in a lot of elements that I would like to see in my spreads and I did try out some minimalist styles in the process too. I do love the doodles but sometimes it can get a bit too much in my opinion. There were a lot of phases where I didn’t like what I tried out and then I realized that it would take me some time and practice to find out what elements best suit for my style and its all in the hands of experimentation. Here are some spreads that I tried experimenting and incorporating into my own bullet journal.

For this year’s setup, I tried out a blue and grey color scheme and added some elements of my own to test the waters and see what I like. So far, I’d say it’s going well.

I think bullet journaling can be made for anyone. All you need is a notebook and a particular style of setup that you have in mind. You don’t always have to make fancy dandy spreads, even the most minimal ones do make a difference, as long as it works for you! So try taking up bullet journaling over the New Year and see how productive you get whilst being original.

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