From Clouds to Food – The spreads from May to July ’21

This was kind of a period where I wanted to test the waters with my creativity on making bullet journal spreads.

Throughout this time, I found myself improving a bit more on the efforts that I put into my doodles that I make for my spreads and that gave me a chance to branch out on my creativity.

Without further ado, here are the spreads that I made through this period:

May’s theme was inspired by a picture of the sunset that I took just a week before the new month started, and “Waving Through a Window – by Dear Evan Hansen (the Owl City version), was the best lyric quote to add to the cover page. I was kind of into the minimalist vibes when I started off, since it was easier to make the doodles and have a lot of space to plan.

Unfortunately for June, I ended up only making a cover page and not making weekly spreads for the month. The theme was supposed to be sunflowers, but since I didn’t make any spreads other than the title, here’s the cover page for the month. You can also see my crochet sunflower in the corner up there hehe 🙂

My favorite spread would have to be July – the food theme. I had loads of fun thinking of the mini food doodles that I could make for the cover of the spreads:

This month kind of motivated me to take a step towards a more artsy spread, and I really love how this turned out. It helped me to experiment with something new and I got down to planning some more art based spreads for the upcoming months ahead!

All in all, I think this was more of a learning curve for me in general with my art. I hope to make more spreads like these and see how far I progress!

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