Storm and Silence – Robert Thier

*So, originally this book was a recommendation from @the_introverted_bibliophile on Instagram. A huge thanks to her for the recommendation! I loved it so much!!*

Name of the Book – Storm and Silence

Author – Robert Thier

Series – (Storm and Silence #1)

Genre – Historical Fiction

Year of Publish – 2016

Summary – Freedom is the only thing that tomboy Lillan Linton asked for in 19th century London, where female rights weren’t a thing and jobs for women were undignified. Among all these stereotypical norms, here enters her knight in shining armor, Rikkard Ambrose, a man who she met as a stranger in the alleyway, which changes her life forever.

Review – I loved Lilly’s role throughout the book – especially depicting a tomboy in 19th century London is something that intrigued me the most. Rikkard Ambrose was a very interesting character to read for the male role. But overall, it was a great read and I’m sure that I would read the sequel pretty soon.

Rating – A five on five for the book, no doubt about it, highly recommend to those who are very interested in Historical Fiction settings.’

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