My Three Year Journey on My Blog

As I was having a conversation about the happiest moments in my life, it occurred to me that it has been three years since I made this blog. So, happy three years to me!

3 year anniversary

So, I took a trip down memory lane and realized how much has changed in this place. I actually started this blog on March 23 2017, out of a spur (if you listen to my podcast, you’d know the story), and the key goal was about science and motivation. After a month I added Books into the toolbar and started writing reviews and brought in the wrap-ups as well as the TBRs. And during this time; it was about 1 or 2 posts for a week or two.

Time passed and it was December 2017. I had gone on a trip for Winter Vacation and since I didn’t want the pictures to go to waste, I thought of adding another segment- Travel Diaries into the toolbar; so that I could take pictures and record my travel journeys as I go.

2018 came in and I didn’t make any major improvements to the blog as such; tried updating whenever I can by giving out new content. I did take up drawing back then, but I wasn’t too serious about it; because I felt unconfident to publicly post my work.

One day, a friend of mine came across my work and complimented me on it and encouraged me to show it to other people. It was after that moment, that I gained the confidence to post my drawings and add it to the toolbar.

Time passed and 2019 came in quicker than ever. Two years had passed in the blog and I thought that it’s time to improvise it to the standard. I saw that Booktubers made these tags and time logs where they answer these questions about books and show time lapses as well as give in-depth reviews on a book that they would be reading. Inspired by that, I incorporated them into my books section as well. Another thing that I saw at this time was a blog page made for adding the books reviewed into a list format. It looked really easy to navigate and I thought that I would benefit from making it; so I made a similar page as well. I also changed the theme and font style for my blog

Another thing that I did for my blog as I slowly started to gain traffic was to make an email, social media accounts, as well as newsletter subscriptions. It seemed like a hassle to look up for the latest updates on science every time I wanted to make a post, so I looked up for some newsletters to subscribe to and they’d update me on my email.

In May 2019, I had hit the major streak of posting a lot throughout the entire month. I really got into posting on my blog; and after that, I continued to post more than ever. I even added segments for Music, Movies and TV and Writing during this time. After that, it felt like I became “one with my blog.”

In October 2019, I was impressed by a show that I was watching and it got me thinking to post poems that I truly bonded with. Soon after a friend of mine had inspired me to write snippets of writing whenever I felt like it and it was very therapeutic because I was able to release a lot of emotion into my writing.

Towards the end of the year, I started listening to podcasts and it gave me that urge to make one myself right after I finish school because I’d have a lot of time to kill and improvising it wouldn’t be a problem. So I did go for it and I made my first episode on my podcast on March 21, 2020, in memory of the three year anniversary to my blog. This was also the time that I had gained domain rights to my blog.

I feel truly proud of myself to make this blog and I have never regretted making it even for a second. I extend my thanks to all those who supported me through this journey; especially to the readers, the people who like my posts and my followers who take the time to read and look at my content. I hope you would continue to support me through my journey.




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  1. 3 Years! Consistently!! Innovating along the way!!!

    A big kudos.

    God Bless You.

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