March Wrap Up and April TBR 2020


Okay, so we are back once again for the Wrap-up and TBR sesh. January and February didn’t have any books, because- exams. So I did start picking a few books after my exams ended two weeks ago. So without further ado, here’s the wrapup and TBR:

March Wrap Up: So I did a reread of one of these books and read two others. Reviews for them are up in the blog under Books- Reviews so you can go there and check them out or you can refer the Alphabetical Compilation. These are the books that I have read:

  1. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
  2. Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare
  3. All Your Twisted Secrets by Diana Urban

And for April I intend on reading the following books:

  1. Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare: The story picks up after Malcom’s death; Emma and Julian continue to struggle with the parabatai bond whilst Mark is put under the loyalty test to save Kieran from his death.
  2. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare: I’ll be reading this once I’m done with Lord of Shadows, so I’m not going to spoil myself 😂
  3. Cure By Robin Cook: A biotech espionage about a miracle drug that saved a child’s life.
  4. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: It follows Simon Snow in his final year of magical schooling who is the “Chosen One” prophesied to defeat an evil force and save the world. The novel is known to have several narrative voices.
  5. Inferno by Dan Brown: The famous curator Robert Langdon is known to have amnesia as he wakes up in a hospital. Together he teams up with Sienna Brooks to stop the evil actions of a mad scientist.
  6. A Torch Against the Night and A Reaper at The Gates (Re-Read) by Sabaa Tahir: It follows the events of Elias and Laia as they try to find Laia’s brother and Helene, the blood shrike who have been imprisoned.
  7. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Mass: *So I read half and I have been meaning to get to the other half of this book* Nineteen old Feyre hunts and kills a wolf and as punishment, the king of the realm takes her to his dimension as punishment.
  8. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: *Same case as no.7* Mare Barrow lives in a world of blood divisions – Red Bloods are commoners who serve the elite; called White Bloods, people with supernatural abilities. Mare, being a Red, tends to fend off as a thief, but a twist of fate has her end up in the hands of the king of the Silver Court where she finds out that she too has supernatural abilities of her own.

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  1. A big makeover! Looks different; better use of colors!!

    And yes, eager to read your review about “Cure By Robin Cook: A biotech espionage about a miracle drug that saved a child’s life.”

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