Listening to Shame- Brenē Brown

Brenē Brown recounts the aftermath of what happened after her last speech on the power of vulnerability and goes on about the difference between guilt and shame as well as its algorithm.

The talk was a really great eye-opener for me because of the way she described the two emotions that I constantly feel; suddenly made a lot more sense. I have been living through those short phases of shame in a lot of instances. And it really does eat me up.

But when she made it clear that it is not a weakness but a start to change, I felt thrilled. It felt like the light was shone upon my path, and that was inspiring. Those words made me feel powerful; like I could make a difference.

Feeling guilt is one thing and feeling shame is another. I feel that people like me who tend to make content for the world to see mostly come upon these negative emotions a lot as they strive to give new content. And it is okay to feel bad. But never punish yourself for it, because you are making it for “YOUR INTEREST” even if you tend to let it out into the world. Self-satisfaction is more important than other’s satisfaction.

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