Technology should be used to your Advantage, not to your Benefits

We are all hooked up with so much technology that is being given to us. We have gadgets that fulfil all of our every needs and requirements 24/7. Here are some things that prove the fact:

  • Food being ordered online, thus releasing the work to cook at home
  • Books and references at the click of a link on Google, thereby reducing the travel time to go to a bookstore or a library.
  • Buying groceries and clothes made simple by apps that deliver stuff to us instantly.
  • Sending messages through social media with the help of a few stickers and emojis.

Now I am not saying that it is wrong to do these things. In fact, I use technology for 3 out of the 4 things that I have listed. But we must understand that the only thing that we do is benefitting from it.

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With the use of a phone and social media, we find it extremely convenient to show love through a simple emoji. Expressing your love through your words matters more than just pasting a simple emoji. We must respect the olden methods and live by it at times before we realize that it is too late to gain what we have missed.

Learn to use it to your advantage and not use it as a benefactor. Social media is good for sharing information, but not for sharing emotions. Similarly, frequent use of gadgets tend to affect your body, so try limiting your screen time. And last but not least, ordering stuff online is a great advancement, but spend time on buying things with your family is also a way of having quality time with your loved ones.

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  1. And remember – the contributors to social media (less than 1%) and the consumers of social media (around 99%). I see you going towards that 1% of contributors. Way to go forward.

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