The Initial Motivator #the struggles of a writer

Well, as a writer, I think that there are three things that can inspire you to write: reading, imagination and reality.

For bookworms like me, authors and poets inspire me to write my own stories to share to the world.

For people who are inspired by reality, they would like to put some aspects of life that they see from their eyes into writing.

For people with an outstanding case of imagination, well they are the most blessed people on Earth because they have the ability to create something on their own.

Anything that inspires you to write should be your motivator to start or continue writing.

For all those writers out there, I would strongly advise that we do not get demotivated by the fact called “rejection”. It is something that happens to almost every writer, and we shouldn’t fear that particular moment at all. In fact, we must embrace those moments, as they will promote us to great success.

For those who have writer’s block, I suggest that you go over your story a few times to get the hang of where you left off, or gain some inspiration from one of your sources. It will help you to get back on track with the plot and outlines of your story.

Always follow your heart when you write, because there is nobody to judge the rights and wrongs of YOUR book. It is solely yours and you have all the rights to make things happen in your story.



I hope that you enjoyed that post. I felt that as I encounter my struggles of writing, posting it might be helpful for all of those writers out there who feel that they undergo the same struggle. Through this hashtag, I would like to point out the fact that writing does have its struggles and a writer shouldn’t back away from what they love doing because of them. Remember the writing community is there for you, so you are not alone in this battle…



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  1. Don’t compromise for any idealogy, whatever your heart says , and your mind notes… Feels no wrong in it, put it in words…your write up indicates me the Bible words…God decided the time has come…..

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