A Three Year Anniversary since I got a Kindle

On August 11, 2016, I came home to find a parcel from the bank. Assuming that my parents got a bunch of chequebooks, I left the parcel as it was. But as time passed, curiosity killed me and I had to see what was inside.

I opened it to find a small box that said Kindle on it, which kind of looked like this:

Related image

Assuming that it was some brochures about the device, I continued to open it. And this is how it turned out:

Image result for kindle paperwhite three box

I was so shocked to see the original device inside the box. I immediately called my mother and asked her whether it was true. And she said yes.

It has been three years and I still use the Kindle on occasion (for the cases when paperback versions of some books are expensive or when I search for books on the device itself).

An honest review about the device: It is absolutely stunning and I would never exchange it for the world. I am extremely grateful to my parents for getting me this device and I still treasure it till date.

So A Happy Three Year Anniversary to my Kindle…

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