Going down the memory lane can be a hard process, but it gets better as you feel the happiness that rejuvenates you again.

I would suggest that you do the following:-

  1. Listen to music that you haven’t listened to in a long time:- This would make you feel happy as you start jamming’ to all the old jams that you haven’t been on track with.
  2. Go back to an old hobby or start a new one:- This diversifies your interests and also rekindles your old ones. It’s a good start to some new beginnings.
  3. Read some of those old books that are lying on your shelf:- As a bookworm, we all have those unfinished TBR piles or some of our fave classical stories. Go back to them and feel that sense of joy release your stress.
  4. Have a good chat with one of your long-time besties:- I actually did this today, and I actually had a true smile of joy and happiness that brought out the true me, and it actually made my day.

So these are my suggestions, but feel free to try out your own too, cause every human is unique. Have a wonderful journey down your memory lanes…


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