So I’ve decided to do this regularly and please forgive me for not doing for the past two months.

These are the books that I read this month. I haven’t covered all of them this month cause I read a lot of books this month; forgive me.

  1. LOOT BY JUDE WATSON:- A teenage kid named March is a thief and his dad is a professional con artist. But after he dies, he finds out that he has a twin sister and that his dad has left behind many unknown secrets for his children to solve. And how do they intend on doing that? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT…
  2. THE HOLLOW BY AGATHA CHRISTIE:- This follows our dear Poirot, who is invited for lunch at a family mansion. But when one of the members is found dead in a swimming pool, it is up to him to crack the case.
  3. HALLOW E’EN PARTY BY AGATHA CHRISTIE:-  Poirot is left to solve the case of a 13 year old drowning at a Halloween party. As the clues piece together, Poirot has to figure out whether he has to solve one murder or two cases…
  4. CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE:- As the king decided to start ordering and taking charge by becoming ruthless, the magic of Orïsha starts to disappear. And above all this Zelie had to suffer without a mother. Now it is upto her to set things right by bringing magic back and restore peace, but it won’t be easy as she hoped.
  5. TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE TRILOGY BY JENNY HAN:- I read this in AUGUST, but I forgot to mention it. The story follows Lara Jean Covey, an introvert who has to adjust to the consequences when her secret love letters get out.
  6. THE CRUEL PRINCE BY HOLLY BLACK:- Jude had witnessed her parents being murdered when she was 7 and had to be taken to Faerie as a punishment. 10 years later, despite her mortality, she feels that she belongs in the place that she has been imprisoned in. As she decided to win over the court, she realizes that she has to face many hardships, including saving her sisters’ alliances to the court itself.


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