I’m sorry for updating this a bit late , but these were the books that I had read in August. I’ve been busy with exams so the list is a bit small.

1.THE DEAD BEAUTIFUL TRILOGY(A RE-READ) by Yvonne Woon:-This series is mostly based on a girl named Renee, who loses her parents whilst they were on a mission. she learns her true destiny and the secrets that her parents have kept from her. After she learns about her destiny, she paves her path into making it come true.

I read this series a long time ago, but I really wanted a re-read so, it came up in my list for the month.

2. THE CLIFTON CHRONICLES by Jeffrey Archer:- This was something that had popped up as a recommendation for me to read. It follows our main character Harry Clifton, who lost his dad, lives his life with scholarships, and is known to be the  supposed illegitimate son of the well known business tycoon, Hugo Barrington. He suffers through a lot of hardships in life, but the story also tells us that nothing comes free without a price to pay for it later. So, unless you don’t learn how to take risks, you wouldn’t be able to achieve anything.

So that’s my list with six books for August. I’ll try to read some more in September.

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