Plan your day- Trust me it helps.(The bullet journal method)

The Art of Planning

You might think that planning requires a lot of time, investment and application.But actually that is not true. All it requires is two things- you and your application(less procrastination here,people)towards your plan.

  1. The main key thing that you need is a notebook(bullet journal or a simple planner). I prefer the bullet journal for this factor, because the investment value is less; you’ll only need a notebook and some sketches to decorate it 
  2. The bullet journal is an effective way to plan.Personally, I use a monthly layout and a weekly spread.I also have a habit tracker to keep track of my daily habits.
  3. You might want to keep other plans, like a finance tracker(monthly basis) or if you are a school student, you might want to keep a lesson planner (also monthly basis)
  4. The bullet journal method also helps you condense your planning points.Here you don’t need to use full sentences, but you need to write a key statement as your task.
  5. Finally, the bullet journal allows you to decorate your notebook and personalize it in the way you want it to be.

If you don’t prefer the bullet journal, you could also use a planner. I’ll be uploading an article for the use of that also.

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Bullet journal sample


This is a sample of a bullet journal weekly spread. You can find more ideas on how to customize your bullet journal and make your own on the net as well as youtube.

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