Finding Solace in Being Alone

For me personally, I think this is something that I feel hasn’t been addressed enough – it’s okay to find solace in being by yourself.

Wanting to feel alone isn’t something to feel bad about, and it’s okay to enjoy your own company. This is termed as introversion and for introverts, we like our own company best than that of another person at times. It helps us recharge and makes us feel more comfortable in our surroundings.

As we tend to dedicate some time to ourselves, introverts usually find that they would have a routine that they would like to pursue to relax and feel comfort. A few examples of these are reading, sketching, listening to music, writing, etc.

One thing that introverts do struggle with at times is to be able to say yes to some alone time when they want it – especially when they’re in a social setting. To feel guilty about turning your close people down is normal, but if they are people who are important to you, I’m sure that they’ll understand when you need some time off for your well being.

If you’re an introvert, try becoming one with yourself every once in a while; or as frequent as you need to and you’ll see how the alone time that you dedicate would change your inner well being; leaving you more content and happier with your surroundings.

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