Getting Back into Crochet – Making my First Bee

So I started on my crochet journey back when I was 10 years old for extracurricular classes in school. Not the most interesting way to start, I agree but what comes after is the best part.

Now we had classes every week and I used to make cute mats, bookmarks and pencil cases. And at the end of the year I had a few pieces of decor that could be used for something.

As I grew older, crochet became a part of my life in an in and out situation – sometimes I pick it up and make stuff and sometimes I don’t. It’s how I made three mats and two pencil cases for the school fundraiser back in 2014, but that’s a different story.

In 2021, I randomly saw this crochet compilation on Youtube of people making amazing stuff and I thought to myself – why not make that?

Which is how I ended up making a realistic Minecraft bee.

A friend of mine had actually challenged me – saying that I would become a “woman of culture” if I crocheted it. I did have fun making the piece though, it was nice and I had a lot of fun too.

For this bee (and most projects) I usually don’t follow patterns. I search them up and try to fuse them together and try making the piece my way. I looked into Hooked by Robin’s Bumblebee pattern for the body and tried to make it my way, and as for the other parts, I just tried to stitch them on my own.

This is how mine turned out though:

For a first project – he actually turned out better than what I expected. I might just attempt making a regular bee and the original Minecraft version using a pattern in the future. A few things that I noticed were off were the stuffing and my stitching pattern, which I think can be fixed with some practice

Here’s the pattern that I looked up for the body- hope it helps:

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