Live Love n’ Breathe Ice Cream

I am actually the world’s biggest simp ever ice cream. And I would do anything to breathe just that 🤣🤣. Okay I’m actually kidding but, I would most definitely consider that.

So in memory of that thought – and the fact that I have no access to ice cream atm :(, I decided to sketch out a black and white version of ice cream. This sketch was actually drawn by hand then cleaned over a scan and then traced over using digital art software.

The part that I liked the most was actually the cone on the right because of that swirl and the molten drips of ice that stick with the cone. The fruits actually give a bit of that appeal to it; make it a bit more realistic in a way. The vibes feel a bit summary as well and always put me in a nostalgic mood leaving me to just want ice cream.

The reason why I didn’t actually give color to the sketch was I kinda liked the natural vibe of the black and white and giving it color just felt like I wouldn’t be giving justice to the picture itself and that was something that I didn’t want to do. But maybe one day I might just come back to it and give it some color – I’m not really sure of that.

Try sketching what you like to draw in your style. It doesn’t have to have a lot going on, just a simple sketch of like one cone or one piece of food per paper which is then merged is great too!

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