Cautious Hero

Name of the Anime – Cautious Hero

No of Seasons – 1 (2nd coming soon)

Genre – Fantasy comedy

Summary – Ristarte is a novice goddess and wants to get her recognition rank, but for that she would have to train a hero and save a given realm. She is tasked to train a overpowered hero who is overly cautious. Will she be able to complete the challenge to gain her recognition?

Review – Well, the initial episodes were a bit of a drag, but as they progressed, the humor component had increased drastically, and that was something that I liked. The anime itself was overall okayish in terms of the plot but the main reason why I liked it was because of the humor.

Rating – I’d give it a four out of five, because I am not completely sure as to whether I’d be watching Season 2. Season 1 did seem complete in itself and I didn’t see the idea of making a Season 2 for it.

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