Around this time last week, I’m pretty sure that we’d be in front of our screens listening to We are Bulletproof : The Eternal and shedding tears over a wonderful song and a great performance. And so here I am, a week later, giving a review on the concert to cure our hearts.

Well in all honesty, I didn’t get the chance to see the entire concert on the specified two days of streaming last week – which is why the review is up a bit late, because I kinda took my time to have a look at the song cams and give a review on the whole.

Like Bang Bang Con: The Live was conducted online in commemoration of the BTS seven year FESTA anniversary that they hold every year, this concert too was an online broadcast over two days, showcasing a few of their old songs and the awaited performances for the songs from Map of the Soul: 7.

I think they did pull it off and did a pretty good job with the new performances from the album, cause the costume switches and the stages did seem like a lot of effort was put into giving a great performance for their fans.

I think the best performance of the show itself would be Filter, mainly because of the costume switch that was pulled off like in the middle of the stage; that was like “WOW”. The other performances were great as well, and kudos to them for pulling off a virtual concert for their fans.

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