Finishing a Course in Python

As you may all know, I’m not someone who has the background computer science experience from high school, like most people who take a computer science degree. Therefore, because of that reason, I decided to take a course in Python by the University of Michigan over the summer and prep my basic coding skills.

The course is actually made for a beginner who doesn’t know anything about Python or coding in general to become a master at the art and to be able to teach another person based on the concepts that they have gained from the course itself.

What I enjoyed the most in particular was the part where you got mini assignments to test your skills on what you have learnt in the field and it gave me a boost of confidence when I finished all five courses and earned a specialization certificate.

I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning coding for the first time, as Python is a fairly easy language to master and it’s more of a beginner’s level language for those who have no experience in the field of computer science.

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