My Secret To Staying Focused Under Pressure – Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson, the Seattle Sea hawks Quarterback talks about this concept of neutral thinking – which helps him to thrive under the pressurized life situations that he lives in.

Through his talk, he says “Mindset is a skill which can be trained and learnt.” By thinking about the times that you had shined in the past, you find your best moments. And as you feel inspired by your best moments the thought that should be running in your head should be about what’s next and not about how you missed something.

Asking yourself “Why Not You?” was something that got me even more inspired. People achieve things in life, which means it isn’t rocket science for you to do it as well. So “Why not you?” There isn’t much of an obstacle that can stop me from doing it if I put my mind to it anyways, so all I need to do is motivate myself to do the task by asking myself that question every time I have a lack of confidence, or whenever I feel unmotivated to do something.

Every time you feel like giving up, try asking that question that Russell’s dad always asked him –
“Why not you?” If some random person in the world can do it, then surely you can too. It’s all about the mindset that you have and the faith that you put in moving forward instead of giving up.

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