A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder – Holly Jackson

Name of the Book – A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

Author – Holly Jackson

Genre – Young Adult, Thriller, Mystery

Year of Publication – 2019

Summary – Having grown in the same town, Pippa Fitz Amobi disagrees with the investigation statement that says high school girl Andie Bell was murdered by Sal Singh five years ago. And so, to prove the conclusions otherwise, she takes the closed case upon herself as her final year school project to find the real killer behind the murder.

Review – Since I am someone who loves mystery and thriller novels, I have to say that this book was no different in terms of the thrill and enjoyment that I had whilst I was reading it. As the story progresses, I thought that the person I had in mind would definitely be the killer, but turns out that even though the evidence seemed to point to the person of interest that I had in mind, the true killer was someone else, and that got me intrigued by the end of the story.

Rating – A five on five for this one, the plot was too good. Kind of had the All Your Twisted Secrets vibes – high school mystery, high school settings and stuff like that.

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