Genes and the Human Condition – From Behavior to Biotechnology : A course that I recently completed

So, recently I completed this course called Genes and the Human Condition on Coursera from the University of Maryland and boy, I gotta tell you, it was a whole new experience.

Some of the given content was more at a high school level, if you had genetics in your bio syllabus and some of it was a bit more advanced, more of a college level stand, I would say. It depends on the topics that you may have covered in school, which for me was about half of the syllabus.

The advantage of knowing some of the content was that I was able to finish off some of the assignments a bit faster. But most of the questions in the assignments were a tad difficult to answer, given that you require an 80% to pass the week’s course.

All in all. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in biotech, because this is more of a foundation course and a basic introduction to genetics.

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