You are not alone in your loneliness – Jonny Sun

“Being vulnerable to loneliness isn’t a bad thing, it’s what helps you cope with your fears and sorrows – Jonny Sun”

Through his illustrative talk, writer and artist Jonny Sun talks about how he felt a sense of comfort in his loneliness, by connecting into an unexpected community of people from across the world.

Being under lockdown for almost three months now, most of us are probably feeling a variety of emotions at this point, and they have this indescribable tangent which takes it to various degrees. By actually analyzing how we truly are feeling, we might be able to come to a conclusion of feeling sad and deprived of emotion at some point. And being vulnerable to such sorrows is never a weakness, its a sign of strength. By connecting with people, even if you can’t see them or truly assess whether their statements are true or not, it’s always good to know that the thought matters more when they try to express it with their deep words to provide meaning. I for one, tend to relate to the emotion of loneliness frequently but when I do try to come out of my shell to actually connect with people to express how I’m feeling, the words of saying that “I care” or “I’m there for you” actually hit in a new level of comfort.

“Always know that when you start to connect, you end up being comforted and you aren’t left alone anymore…”

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